SDS is a cabinet made up by engineers and designers. It develops several furniture collections creating unique solutions, as well as monitoring all the projects that SACHI is involved, from the beginning until the final delivery to customers.



He studied Mechanical Engineering and Architecture. He obtained Masters degree in Industrial Design by Architecture School of Oporto’s University and has received national awards and distinctions.




In 2008 she graduates with full marks and honours in Industrial Design at the University of Sapienza of Rome. Since 2007 she collaborates with Lenci Design. Simultaneously she starts working as a freelancer,including consulting for interior design, product design, graphic and exhibit design for major firms operating internationally. The work develops from concept design to the preliminary project, then the final executive drawings and finally caring for graphic and exhibit presentation. Occasional collaborations with architecture and design studios.



Lenci Design was founded in 2001 on the forty-years experience of Fabio Lenci, combined with the enthusiasm of his daughters Maela and Juna, and with a staff specialised in technological and planning optimisation. Lenci Design is able, thanks to versatile professional competence in every aspect of planning, to work out solutions for any sector of industrial design, always according to market requirements.